Take Care of

Your Body

with therapeutic massage

Therapeutic Massage Services Offered

Swedish Massage

Great for maximum relaxation with long flowing strokes and light to medium pressure

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve muscle tension with deep tissue focus working the deeper layers of muscle, great for relieving pain and tension


Enhance your physical and emotional

well-being with essential oils

Sports Massage

Restorative and maintenance massage utilizing medium to deep pressure in combination with PNF stretching

Trigger Point Therapy

Stimulates release of muscle tension and knots during deep tissue massage

Chair Massage

Massaged performed in specialized chair for events or business office


Applied to hands and feet to stimulate nerve function, induce relaxation and excite the central nervous system


Healing practice that activates natural life force energy inside the body to support the body’s ability to heal, align and repair itself

Stephanie Shockey


Stephanie earned a license in Massage Therapy at the Center for Excellence for Healthcare Education campus of Phoenix College. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was elected into the honors program. Stephanie has also earned a Master of Education and bachelor's degree in Health with a minor in Sports Medicine. She played softball on scholarship for her university and traveled with off-season sports teams as their student athletic trainer. It has also been an honor to join Purposefully Home and partner with Physical Therapists to assist clients during challenging times.

Stephanie has recently started the Barral Institutes Neural Manipulation Series and completed NM1: Neuromanipulation, An Integrative Approach to Trauma.

Stephanie has an affinity for preventative health care and alternative medicine. Her studies will lead her further into the appreciation and capabilities of our amazing bodies. She hopes to lead by example and share the wonderful feeling of taking care of yourself mind, body and spirit. Wellness is an individual experience worthy of achieving; we can do it collaboratively.

A few important things

**travel fee may apply if 15 miles outside 85018/85016

**Hours of Operation 9am-3pm Wed-Sat, Ask about weekends/Evenings

Must have access to a bathroom

Minimum of 10' x 10' open space needed for table set up

Heated table can be used, outlet needed

Serving Greater Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: 623-396-9473